Erin and Sevan attic

Erin and Sevan in attic circa 2007

Sevan: We met sooooo long ago! I don’t even remember exactly… Maybe 2007? I was about 16/17. I played a show in a punk house attic that Erin had put together. They loved my version of Britney Spears’ Toxic and I loved their deeply soulful, acoustic, acapella songs that encouraged the audience to participate with stomps and claps. I’m so grateful that we’ve maintained a friendship for so long. We haven’t done a lot of physical hanging out, but always have had a really close connection. It’s like from the moment we met there was some deep resonance in both of us, some buzzing and melodious harmonies, chords that struck and sang in tune together and we’ve been riding out those songs ever since. 

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