Finale – John Davis discusses a mixtape that presages the Q and Not U debut

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, I gotta pause to give thanks for a teenage pen pal turned short-lived romance turned lifelong friend. I now have 4 beautiful Davises in my life, and I could not be more grateful. Our conversations about bands and music are balanced with conversations about our children and evolving creative aspirations; it’s the best.

And here in this exciting conclusion, we learn about how becoming less reserved was a personal AND musical transition. Enjoy, and thank you for listening! 

Photo Outtake from Q and Not U No Kill No Beep Beep

Photo outtake from No Kill No Beep Beep album. Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Zoom in of Sarah standing behind John on Q and Not U outtake photo

Zoom in on me smiling ecstatically behind John in outtake photo 

cover of Charles Earland Black Talk!

Background music by Charles Earland

Part 3 – John Davis of Q and Not U

My goodness. You got me where you want me. Skeeter says that at the end of this song just when you think she has said all she needed to say- are you ready to be heartbroken or what? This is my very favorite song off that mixtape and turns out to be among John’s favorites as well. We get to enjoy the happy go lucky Chisel song called An Amateur Thief firstly.

The End of the World b/w I Can't Stay Mad at You Skeeter Davis 45

Part 2 – John Davis of Q and Not U

This set includes The Regrets – I Have the Tools and June of ’44 – Of Information and Belief. Chisel starts sneaking in there at the end, which I happily associate with John because I bought a Chisel 7″ from his Shute Records distro.

I nominated that Regrets song for the discussion. I think it is perfect.

Photo of The Regrets: Danny Pound, Brad Allen, Dan Benson

The Regrets, from, actually– from Topeka

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