Part 1 of Radio Show with John Davis of Q and Not U

All hepped up on new year’s resolutions in January, I fancied the idea of making Madeyouatape Radio a reality. I enlisted John Davis, drummer of Q and Not U and mastermind behind the DC Punk and Indie Fanzine Collection to revisit a tape with me that he made in 1998. Check out Part 1 of this audio mini-series where we talk about Cap’n Jazz’s song Little League and the milieu of midwest math rock that was dominating John’s turntable whilst he was making the zine Held Like Sound.

There may be no radio show, but an aural appreciation of mixtapes feels darn right. Enjoy and come back for the rest! 

Photo of cassette with tracklist: Skeeter Davis- I Can't Stay Mad at You; Cap'n Jazz - Little league; Hum - If You are to Bloom; Braid - Killing a Camera; Tortoise - Everglade; The Legendary Jim Ruiz Band - Yes I Do; June of '44 - Of Information and Belief; Ilium - Untitled #1. SIDE B 90 Day Men - Sweater Queen; Castor - Anecdotes; Elvis Costello - Radio Radio; Chisel - An Amateur Thief; Lustre King - Horseblinder; Jejune - Drive By Negly; The Regrets - I Have the Tools; Paul Newman - Enter the Empire of the Ants; Dirty 3 - Hope; The Cars - Let's Go

Tape from John Davis in 1998

John Davis with face mask in front of microphone

John Davis in makeshift studio January 2022


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